ISSN 2307-4264 (Print) ISSN 2712-9268 (Online)


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Youth education and their status in the labour market
Agranovich M. .   Zaitseva O. .   Livenets M. .   Seliverstova I. .  

On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubickiy V. V.   Aleksandr G. K.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. .  
implementation, spreading agile thinking and using it to harmonise the spheres of vocational education and labour market

The system of continuing education as a driver for improving professional competencies
Ahmedov A. E.   Smolyaninova I. V.   Shatalov M. A.  

On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubitsky V. V.   Kislov A. G.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. V.  

Upskilling and retraining personnel with applied qualifications: dynamics of change
Alasheev S. Y.   Postalyuk N. Y.   Prudnikova V. A.  

To solve urgent problems of staffing in the system of vocational education
Dubitsky V. V.   Kislov A. G.   Konovalov A. A.