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Soft skills for secondary vocational education teachers

Introduction. The use of  a competence-based approach in  the practice of  training a teacher of secondary vocational education is a part of the requirements for the learning outcomes in the federal state educational standard. However, real organisations do not use the possibilities of a competence-based approach for the selection and forecasting of  professional development when improving the human resources potential. The competence model of a teacher of secondary vocational education can become the core of such practice in the system of secondary vocational education. 

The aim of the article is to substantiate the soft skill model of a secondary vocational education teacher in  order to  improve the human potential through the procedures of professional psychological selection and forecasting of professional success. 

Methods. In the course of the study, a theoretical and methodological analysis of the semantic and substantive content of  the subject field of  research that was relevant to the idea of competencies was used. In the empirical study, survey methods and the expert assessment method were used. 

Results. In the course of the research, a list of soft competencies of a teacher of secondary vocational education was identified and a sequence of development of a competence model for professional psychological selection and forecasting the professional development of a teacher of secondary vocational education was proposed. 

Scientific novelty. A separate group of soft competencies was identified on a sample of secondary vocational education teachers, aimed at predicting the changes in both the professional activity and oneself as its subject. 

Practical significance. The presented sequence of model development can be applied to  other industries or  types of  activities. The presented model can serve as  the basis for the development of  selection and forecasting procedures of  the professional development of secondary vocational education teachers. 

Funding. The article was carried out within the state task of the Ministry of Education of  the Russian Federation “The System of  Professional Psychological Selection and Forecasting of  the Professional Development of  Teachers of  Secondary Vocational Education Based on the Concept of Soft Competencies” (applied research, № 073-00104- 22-01)

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Zeer, E. F., & Zavodchikov, D. P. (2022). Soft skills for secondary vocational education teachers. Vocational Education and Labour Market, 10(4), 82–97. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.51.4.006