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An economic approach to solving the problem of filling the shortage of teaching staff

Introduction. In  Russia, systematic efforts are underway to  improve education, raise teachers’ salaries, and promote the noble and in-demand profession of  teaching. However, a shortage of teaching staff is observed not only in depressed regions, and the solution to the problem extends beyond salary and publicity considerations. 

Aim. Justification of  the need for a  balanced, economic approach to  the rational use of limited educational resources. 

Methods. The research is  based on  the analysis of  data from the territorial bodies of Rosstat for the Astrakhan region and the Republic of Kalmykia for the years 2021– 2024, federal job vacancy databases, recruiting agencies, and regional information and news resources. To  support approaches to  addressing the shortage of  teaching staff, an  expert assessment method was employed, utilizing interview results from a  wide range of  stakeholders, including teachers, educational institution leaders, parents, lecturers, and students in pedagogical university programs. 

Results. Expert assessments confirm an increased demand for quality education, driven by the existing shortage. According to economic theory, the reasons for the lack of an adequate supply of those willing to work as teachers lie in the search for an equilibrium price. Various options for its formation are proposed. 

Scientific novelty. The bold solutions presented for addressing the shortage of teaching staff are motivated by  the urgency of  the problem, requiring decisive administrative actions. 

Practical significance. The administrative solutions proposed in  the article are applicable to various levels of education, including teacher training programs.

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Umgaeva, O. (2024). An economic approach to solving the problem of filling the shortage of teaching staff . Vocational Education and Labour Market, null(1), 58–67. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2024.56.1.004