ISSN 2307-4264 (Print) ISSN 2712-9268 (Online)

Neurodidactics is an innovative trend in personalized education

A new educational paradigm — personalised education, is asserting itself in modern society. Its core is neurodidactics, which studies the learning patterns connected to the peculiarities of the higher mental functions of the brain. The goal of neurodidactics is the personalization of the educational process and the personification of students’ personalities. The article aims to substantiate the scientific and practical value of neurodidactics, to reveal its teaching and developing functions in the educational process and to consider its possibilities in personalized education. The methodological basis of the study is L. S. Vygotsky’s theory of developmental learning and the fundamental works of A. R. Luria on neuropsychology. The educational possibilities of neurodidactics formed the basis for the personalization of the educational process. It also helped determine the main technologies for the formation of meta-subject learning outcomes and their integration into the students’ work. That, in turn, led to their personification. Mastering the techniques of personification is very important from a practical point of view. Scientific and technological progress, digitalization of education, widespread use of virtual technologies will lead to a radical transformation of the entire education system. Neuroeducation will become the innovative trend of education modernisation, where neurodidactics will play the main role. It is useful and even necessary for the teachers to master psychological and pedagogical capabilities of the neurodidactics.