ISSN 2307-4264 (Print) ISSN 2712-9268 (Online)

Actual problems of professiology of education (based on the materials of the networking “Professiology: projection to the future")

Professionology is a scientific discipline that is at the stage of formation. The prerequisites for the actualisation of occupational research are related to the trends of modern post-industrial society. The design of the methodological apparatus of professionology, the crystallisation of the internal structure of the scientific discipline, requires an intensive process of exchanging ideas, a close interaction of scientists and practitioners. That was the subject of the networking “Professionology — projection into the future”. The purpose of the event: analysis of the current state and prospects for the development of professionology as a field of scientific knowledge. During the discussion on the methodological foundations of professionology, the participants presented their views on the subject and structure of this discipline, discussed the inefficiency of traditional methods of professionography and the search for new approaches. The analysis of modern trends in the development of the world of professions allowed us to identify promising areas of professional research. One of them: scientifically-based design of new professions. Another: study of the transformation of the psychological mechanisms of professional and personal formation in the conditions of the predicted change in the employment structure. One more is experimental testing of technological capabilities to eliminate the factors of professional unfitness, the development of professionally important qualities, and optimisation of a person’s functional states in the work process. Furthermore, occupational technologies for designing and supporting a career in modern conditions: career guidance based on a modular approach, professional tests were identified.