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Innovation as a quality of personality: А pedagogical concept and a didactic principle

Background. The making of an adaptive personality in the conditions of a free labour market requires deep theoretical understanding and methodological justification. The design of the educational process based on the principle of innovation allows to realise the creative potential of the individual and ensure the competitiveness of the specialist in the conditions of digitalisation of production. Objective. Definition of the structure and content of the concept of innovation and organisational and pedagogical conditions for the implementation of the principle of innovation in the process of training workers in the system of technical and vocationl education and training (TVET). Methods. The study was carried out thorough the retrospective and theoretical-methodological analysis of scientific literature, pedagogical and industrial experience. Results. The article presents a model of the complex formation of innovation and its development throughout the educational process (in educational and extracurricular activities); the definition of innovation as a pedagogical concept is given, its didactic principle and requirements for the implementation of this principle in the system of qualified workers training are developed. Practical significance. The didactic approach to designing the learning process based on the principle of innovation will allow for the training of specialists with such an important quality as adaptability, which, in the presence of formed general and professional competencies, is crucial for successful professional and personal self-realisation in the conditions of the modern labour market.

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Gayneev, E. R., & Katashev , V. (2022). Innovation as a quality of personality: А pedagogical concept and a didactic principle. Vocational Education and Labour Market, 1, 30–43. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.48.1.002