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Development of support materials for blended learning of foreign languages at TVET

Introduction. Novel environment of society evolution demands diversification of education and training of those who will work in the future. In this regard, blended learning is seen to be one of major trends of the prospective education. Aim. To present a universal algorithm of the development of teacher support and learning materials for studying English in the first year of CTE or TVET exploiting the advantages of Blended Learning (BL). Results. The authorial methodology of development of support materials on one of the most actual topics “World of modern occupations” is capable of facilitating the solution of urgent tasks that the Russian educational system faces: turning a student into an active participant of educational process; individualisation and differentiation of the latter in accordance with the student’s needs; wider utilisation of ICT. Practical significance. The suggested methodology in the form of the stepwise development of main and additional actions allows a TVET teacher to independently and skillfully create innovative support materials on any topic in English that is a general subject of the first year of studying at a college. Funding: The article is performed within State assignment No. 073-00058-22-04 dd. 8th April, 2022 on subject “Scientific support of blended learning at secondary education establishments”.

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Vassilchenko, N. V. (2022). Development of support materials for blended learning of foreign languages at TVET. Vocational Education and Labour Market, 3, 132–145. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.50.3.003