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Industrial training in teacher training for the system of vocational education: State, problems, prospects

Introduction. Taking into account the increasing need of the state for qualified workers and mid-level specialists, the requirements for the quality of  training of  a teacher of  vocational education, who is  directly responsible for the result of  the educational process in  the system of  secondary vocational education, are also changing. Based on  the integrative nature of  the activity of  a teacher of  vocational education, which presupposes them mastering several components of training, special attention should be paid to industrial training. It can contribute to the practical development of the future subject area and is directly related to the field of professional activity of future graduates of secondary vocational education. 

Аim. To find possible ways to improve industrial training as an independent and fullfledged component of vocational pedagogical education, taking into account its current state and identified problems. 

Methods. Bibliographic analysis of scientific publications and the study of normative legal acts, synthesis of the information received, an inductive method for studying the place of industrial training in the preparation of a teacher of vocational training and the formulation of conclusions. 

Results and scientific novelty. The conducted research made it possible to concretise the concepts of “industrial training” and “training of a teacher of vocational education in  the profession of  a worker (position of  an employee)”; to  determine the essential characteristics and current state of  industrial training; to  provide a  description of  the requirements for the training of  a teacher of  vocational education in  the profession of a worker (position of an employee), taking into account the existing deficits in their industrial training. Potential ways of  improvement of  industrial training as  a part of training of a teacher of vocational and pedagogical education were developed.

Practical significance. The results of the study can be used in the practice of educational institutions of  higher education in  the implementation of  training programmes for teachers of vocational education. 

Funding. The research was carried out within the framework of  the state task of  the Ministry of  Education of  the Russian Federation “Theory and Methodology of  the Formation of  a Content Update System in  the Framework of  Teacher Training in  the Conditions of Transformation of the Russian Economy” (fundamental research, No. 073- 00104-22-01).

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Fedorov, V. A., & Maskina, O. G. (2022). Industrial training in teacher training for the system of vocational education: State, problems, prospects. Vocational Education and Labour Market, 10(4), 32–53. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.51.4.009