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From the domestic experience of assessing the competence of teachers of the vocational education system

Introduction. The dynamics of  challenges and risks faced by  the Russian vocational education system requires a search for answers in a broader context, including changes in  approaches to  labour market regulation and improving the content of  vocational education. 

Аim. To  identify elements of  the domestic experience of  assessing the competence of  pedagogical personnel that have the potential to  be updated in  the process of developing a methodology for assessing the results of teachers’ activities adequate to modern challenges, aimed at forming socially significant competencies of graduates of vocational education organisations. 

Methods. Analysis of  scientific publications and historical sources in  the field of education and labour using historical-genetic and systematic methods, generalization and systematization of the findings. 

Results. The expert opinions recorded in domestic publications and archival materials of the 1970s and 1980s were analysed. The reasons for the relative lag in the late Soviet period between the development of methods for assessing socially significant learning outcomes from professional ones were identified; scientific approaches to  solving this problem were outlined in  the course of  the activities of  the research laboratory “Problems of optimising the training of engineering and pedagogical personnel” as well as possible ways of their actualization in solving these problems. 

Practical significance. The results of  the study can be  used in  the process of modernization of the system of training of professional and pedagogical personnel in Russia. 

Funding. The article was carried out within the framework of  the state task of  the Ministry of  Education of  the Russian Federation “Development of  a model for the formation and improvement of the skills of teaching staff, including the development of a methodology for modern assessment of the professional competence of teaching staff of the vocational education system based on monitoring of the educational sphere and the labour market” (applied research, No. 073-00104-22-01).


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Zakharovsky, L. V. (2022). From the domestic experience of assessing the competence of teachers of the vocational education system. Vocational Education and Labour Market, 10(4), 69–81. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.51.4.005