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Introduction of specialised employees into an IT company: key management processes, performance criteria

Introduction. The relevance of  this study stems from the observed tendency in  the labour market, where there is  a shortage of  specialised personnel in  the IT field. Simultaneously, the practice of  small start-ups and large IT companies reveals that a more acute management issue is the inefficiency of measures aimed at retaining newly hired specialised and qualified employees who would meet professional requirements and contribute significantly to enhancing the competitiveness of the organisation. The peak of employee layoffs occurs during their onboarding stage. 

Aim. To identify and describe the key management processes that facilitate the successful onboarding of specialised employees into an IT company, as well as to establish criteria for assessing the effectiveness of implementing these processes. 

Methods. Among the methods used were: secondary analysis of  empirical research results, content analysis of  scientific publications and specialised articles in  open Internet sources. 

Results. The significance of  adopting a  systematic and integrated approach to implementing the process of onboarding and retaining new specialised employees in an IT company is indicated. It is established that the process of integrating specialised employees into the organisation comprises two essential and interrelated managerial sub-processes: adaptation and probation. The criteria for assessing the effectiveness of  key management processes that ensure the successful onboarding of  specialised employees into an IT company are described. 

Scientific novelty. The scientific novelty of  the research lies in  the highlighted key interrelated and complementary management processes of  onboarding specialised employees into an  IT company, as  well as  the criteria for their effectiveness that are identified and described. 

Practical significance. The results of the study can be used by managers and specialists who ensure the processes of  attracting and retaining specialised employees in  an IT company.

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Drozdov, I. , & Osipova, A. (2023). Introduction of specialised employees into an IT company: key management processes, performance criteria . Vocational Education and Labour Market, null(2), 97–105. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2023.53.2.006