ISSN 2307-4264 (Print) ISSN 2712-9268 (Online)

Labour resources in the late 1940s: the history of failed reform

The problem of  “turnover» of  industrial personnel in  the late 1940s is  essential for studying the choice of  the path of  development of  postwar Soviet society, so  its individual aspects have repeatedly attracted the attention of researchers. The purpose of this article is to investigate two variants of proposals to solve the problem of personnel turnover (originating from the USSR Ministry of Labour Reserves and Gosplan). Using comparative-historical and systemic methods, the differences in  some approaches to  its solution are identified, and it  is shown that the fate of  the projects was largely determined by the tendencies of situational struggle in the Soviet leadership. The results of  the study may be  useful in  the process of  studying history (including the history of vocational education) of the second half of the 1940s.

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Zakharovsky, L. V., & Mikushina, M. (2024). Labour resources in the late 1940s: the history of failed reform. Vocational Education and Labour Market, null(1), 116–121. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2024.56.1.009