ISSN 2307-4264 (Print) ISSN 2712-9268 (Online)

The practice of applying visualization technologies in the engineering training of teachers of professional learning

The article deals with the issues of increasing the efficiency of studying complex technical disciplines by improving educational technologies through the use of innovative digital tools and resources based on the visualization of educational elements. The purpose of the article is to consider the essence of visualization of educational information, which is aimed not only at demonstrating engineering processes and systems but also at activating students’ cognitive activity and motivating them to study special disciplines of future professional activity. The theoretical significance of the article lies in the justification of the necessity of using digital visualization technologies to ensure the effectiveness of studying complex engineering disciplines. The practical significance is presented through the created visual frame, which enables high-quality training of vocational training teachers in the development, modification and further use of computer models for engineering training. The article considers the essence of educational elements visualization in a new way at three levels, which is important when using this technology in the educational process.