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On the way to agile-professionalitet

Background. The article is a review of several publications exploring two overlapping, according to the authors, topics. The first is the reasoning behind the appearance and prospects for the implementation of the project “Professionalism” initiated by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, which has been implemented in pilot mode since 2021. The second topic is agile methodology, which has been proving its effectiveness for decades in the work of various organisations in many countries engaged in very different types of activities. Objective. The article aims to propose agile methodology, supported by conceptual arguments and generalisations of successful experience in the fields of management and, above all, education, and its corresponding organisational and design technologies to use in the implementation of the federal project “Professionalisms”. Methods. The methodology of the research consisted in explication of the factual origins and conceptual foundations of the federal project “Professionalism” using methods (1) ofanalysis of the texts of normative legal acts, their projects, speeches and publications of officials and researchers-educators, economists, sociologists; (2) of conceptual integration, concretisation and development of the explicated foundations in the direction of the instrumental and technological equipment of the “Professionalitet” project. Results. The authors present conceptual arguments in favour of the expediency of using agile methodology in the practice of managing the sphere of vocational education, building partnerships of professional educational organisations with enterprises of the real sector of the economy and the service sector, the formation of regional educational and production clusters, the implementation of basic and additional professional educational programmes. Practical significance. The idea can attract the attention of all stakeholders of the Professionalism project (management bodies, employers, professional educational organisations, applicants, students, parents) to the expediency of using agile methodology and appropriate technologies during the project implementation, spreading agile thinking and using it to harmonise the spheres of vocational education and labour market

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Dubitsky, V. V., Kislov, A. G., Neumyvakin , V. , & Feoktistov, A. V. (2022). On the way to agile-professionalitet. Vocational Education and Labour Market, null(1), 6–29. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.48.1.001