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Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education

Background. Due to the entry of Russian colleges into the federal project “Professionalitet”, the implementation of educational programmes of vocational education in previously known ways is no longer possible. Updated principles of professional training, deadlines, and focus on close interaction with participants of the real sector of the economy require a qualitatively different approach to the educational process. Methods. Analysis of literature and international educational practices based on new approaches to the content of professional and pedagogical education and organisational forms of its implementation: agile technologies, cognitive science and neuroeducation principles. Results. The features and possibilities of practical applying provided conceptual ideas into the practice of personnel professional programmes training are shown. A successful implementation can be seen on the example of an educational programme on thinking formation Accelerator and an educational platform Pedagogical literacy classes based in Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University. Practical significance. The presented experience can be used for future teachers of vocational education training, as well as for the formation of pedagogical competence in personnel

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Konovalov, A. A., & Lyzhin, A. I. (2022). Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education. Vocational Education and Labour Market, null(2), 47–56. https://doi.org/10.52944/PORT.2022.49.2.005