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Hardware and projective research methods in neuroeducation: problems and prospects for use
Розова (Васильева) Н. К.   Абабкова М. Ю.  

Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education
Konovalov A. A.   Lyzhin A. I.  
education and organisational forms of its implementation: agile technologies, cognitive science and neuroeducation principles. Results. The features and possibilities of practical applying provided conceptual ideas

Neuroscience in the system of vocational education
Gnedykh D. S.   Kostromina S. N.  

Neurotechnologies and the Development of Subjectivity of Students and Teachers in Inclusive Education
Гриднева С. В.   Сетяева Н. Н.   Арпентьева (Минигалиева) М. Р.   Тащёва А. И.   Хотеева Р. И.  

Neurotechnologies as a factor in the transformation of the educational process
Александрова (Тюлюпова) Л. Д.   Богачева Р. А.   Чекалина Т. А.   Максимова М. В.   Тимонина В. И.