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Training Center for Professional Qualifications SVE: from programs to results
Nivchik A. V.   Baybarodskih A. A.   Klochkov A. N.  

Pedagogical training of secondary vocational education teachers
Kubrushko P. .   Shingareva M. .   Atapina Y. .  
pedagogical education and substantiate different ways of improving teachers of secondary vocational education training. The materials and conclusions presented in the article come from the results of research being conducted

On the lack of research competencies among teachers of secondary vocational education: research results
Konovalov A. A.   Chernyshov B. A.   Schipanova D. E.   Lyzhin A. I.  

The problem of the regional VET system staffing
Ekaterina Y. E.  
mechanisms of the regional VET system staffing. The article is devoted to highlighting the interim results of a study conducted by the Centre for Vocational Education and Qualifications FIRO RANEPA “Research

Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education
Konovalov A. A.   Lyzhin A. I.  
vocational education in previously known ways is no longer possible. Updated principles of professional training, deadlines, and focus on close interaction with participants of the real sector of the economy require

Educational trajectories of 9th grade graduates: Regional features
Bedareva L. .   Lomteva E. .  
, and was carried out using the method of mathematical data analysis. For the greatest clarity, the results are presented in the form of infographics. Results. The analysis of admission to vocational education

Distance learning and digitalization of education in the assessments of students (based on the materials of the All-Russian selective supervision of Rosstat)
Tatyana V. P.  
, healthcare and social services, and the promotion of employment of the population was carried out Results. The emergency transition to distance learning during the period of self-isolation caused by the coronavirus

Technologies for the prevention of the crisis of loss of profession in teachers of late age
Symanyuk E. E.   Pecherkina A. .   Bukovey T. .   Borisov G. .  
diagnosed with reduced indicators of psychological well-being, resilience, tolerance to uncertainty. Results. A programme of socio-psychological training for the prevention of teachers’ crisis of the loss

On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubickiy V. V.   Aleksandr G. K.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. .  
the direction of the instrumental and technological equipment of the “Professionalitet” project. Results. The authors present conceptual arguments in favour of the expediency of using agile methodology in

Training of highly qualified specialists for the aircraft industry: an innovative model
Baryshnikova N. A.   Medvedev V. P.   Kislova L. P.