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On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubickiy V. V.   Aleksandr G. K.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. .  
prospects for the implementation of the project “Professionalism” initiated by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, which has been implemented in pilot mode since 2021. The second topic is

On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubitsky V. V.   Kislov A. G.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. V.  

Educational potential of hands-on training sessions
Galanina M. A.   Eduard R. G.  

Educational trajectories of 9th grade graduates: Regional features
Bedareva L. .   Lomteva E. .  
Background. The recently changing interest in the system of secondary vocational education among young people, especially among graduates of 9th grade, creates a need to analyse admission