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Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education
Konovalov A. A.   Lyzhin A. I.  
and international educational practices based on new approaches to the content of professional and pedagogical education and organisational forms of its implementation: agile technologies, cognitive science and

Problems of modernisation of professional and vocational pedagogical education: A panoramic approach
Zeer E. F.  
education. The need to modernise the existing practice of training specialists is due to the socio-technological changes in post-industrial society and shortcomings in the organisation and implementation of the educational

To solve urgent problems of staffing in the system of vocational education
Dubitsky V. V.   Kislov A. G.   Konovalov A. A.  

On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubickiy V. V.   Aleksandr G. K.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. .  
the fields of management and, above all, education, and its corresponding organisational and design technologies to use in the implementation of the federal project “Professionalisms”. Methods. The methodology

Distance learning and digitalization of education in the assessments of students (based on the materials of the All-Russian selective supervision of Rosstat)
Tatyana V. P.  
Background. To understand the consequences of an emergency transition to distance learning during a

Management activities to overcome professional deformations of college teachers
Moskovskih I. L.   Tretyakova V. S.   Muhlynina O. V.  

Pedagogical training of secondary vocational education teachers
Kubrushko P. .   Shingareva M. .   Atapina Y. .  
The authors analyse retrospectives and emerging trends in the system of vocational pedagogical education and substantiate different ways of improving teachers of secondary vocational education training