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Concepts of digital didactics as the basis for designing advanced education for vocational teachers
Andryuhina L. M.   Sadovnikova N. O.   Lomovceva N. V.   Andryuhina L. M.  

Sudden distance learning: the first month of emergency
Blinov V. I.   Ershova I. V.   Esenina E. Y.   Sergeev I. S.  

The problem of the regional VET system staffing
Ekaterina Y. E.  
Background. Growing requirements for qualification of VET teaching staff determined the subject of this article—the study of features and mechanisms of the

Digital Didactic Wall
Ishakov R. H.  

Digital generation: losses and gains
Cerkovnikova N. G.   Tretyakova V. S.  

Pandemic Digital Lesson
Kislov A. G.  

Ideas of the digital generation about the main values of life
Bastrakova N. S.   Muhlynina O. V.   Sharov A. A.  

Experience in creating a digital multimedia game
Михайлова А. И.   Крежевских О. В.  

Toward a Pedagogy of the Digital Divide Era
Scherbina E. Y.   Kislov A. G.