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Teachers’ emotional burnout in the “ineffective” university
Ostapenko I. A.   Krylova M. .  
“ineffective” category and subsequent changes in the team work become traumatic factors for the teachers. Objective. Analysis of the emotional state of teachers working in universities that have been declared

"Ural Engineering School": from idea to implementation practice
Zalkina N. P.   Baybarodskih A. A.   Balyasnikova T. S.  

"Ural Engineering School" in action
Moskovskih I. L.   Zaripova M. M.   Zalmanov Y. P.  

Work-based learning as the main trend in the international practice of vocational education and training
Muraveva A. A.   Oleinikova O. N.  
top research such as systems analysis method and text analysis method, as well as elements of social engineering Theoretical novelty is in the identification of the configuration of the poly-actor dimension of work