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Work-based learning as the main trend in the international practice of vocational education and training
Muraveva A. A.   Oleinikova O. N.  
The subject of the study comprises the current trends of the work-based learning due to the acceleration of changes in the content of labor and the complexity of professions, which

Problems of modernisation of professional and vocational pedagogical education: A panoramic approach
Zeer E. F.  
Professionalitet”—is being approved in the system of secondary vocational education. The need to modernise the existing practice of training specialists is due to the socio-technological changes in post-industrial

Distance learning and digitalization of education in the assessments of students (based on the materials of the All-Russian selective supervision of Rosstat)
Tatyana V. P.  
Background. To understand the consequences of an emergency transition to distance learning during a pandemic, it is important to know the opinion of not only teachers and managers, but also

Project-based learning in transprofessional training at a technical university
Gruzman V. M.   Balyasnikova T. S.   Guzanov B. N.   Baranova A. A.   Lovcevich T. L.  

Sudden distance learning: the first month of emergency
Blinov V. I.   Ershova I. V.   Esenina E. Y.   Sergeev I. S.