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Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education
Konovalov A. A.   Lyzhin A. I.  
Background. Due to the entry of Russian colleges into the federal project “Professionalitet”, the implementation of educational

On the way to agile-professionalitet
Dubickiy V. V.   Aleksandr G. K.   Neumyvakin V. .   Feoktistov A. .  
Background. The article is a review of several publications exploring two overlapping, according to the authors, topics

The problem of the regional VET system staffing
Ekaterina Y. E.  
Background. Growing requirements for qualification of VET teaching staff determined the subject of this article—the study of features and mechanisms of the

Formation of professional palliative competencies in future nurses
Plotnikova E. .  
Due to the health care reform in our country, with the opening of new branches of medicine, namely palliative