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Vectors of updating the content of vocational pedagogical education
Konovalov A. A.   Lyzhin A. I.  
Background. Due to the entry of Russian colleges into the federal project “Professionalitet”, the implementation of educational programmes

Problems of modernisation of professional and vocational pedagogical education: A panoramic approach
Zeer E. F.  
A new educational paradigm—“Professionalitet”—is being approved in the system of secondary vocational education. The need to modernise the existing practice of training specialists

Pedagogical training of secondary vocational education teachers
Kubrushko P. .   Shingareva M. .   Atapina Y. .  

Distance learning and digitalization of education in the assessments of students (based on the materials of the All-Russian selective supervision of Rosstat)
Tatyana V. P.  
Background. To understand the consequences of an emergency transition to distance learning during a pandemic, it is important to know the opinion

Educational potential of hands-on training sessions
Galanina M. A.   Gaineev E. .  

The problem of the regional VET system staffing
Ekaterina Y. E.  
Background. Growing requirements for qualification of VET teaching staff determined the subject of this article—the study of features and mechanisms of the